Jumat, 30 Mei 2014

Things to Avoid or Provide Alternatives for

Spicy foods: Many people love a dash or more of hot spice with
their food but it’s likely to cause discomfort to some other guests.
So, have some less aggressive options for those who would prefer

Maybe, you could have these available in small dishes for the more adventurous eaters.

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Alcohol: You’ve probably seen the effects on an event and the
other guests where someone has had too much to drink. It is also a significant contributor to the road toll and other problems.
Make sure you offer non-alcoholic alternatives, fruit juices and
sodas for those who are driving and anyone else that prefers them
or wants to space out their alcoholic drinks.

Financing Your Big Day

Even if the bride’s parents are strict traditionalists and insist on
paying for the wedding, you will face significant expenses and need
to start setting up a realistic budget right at the start.
You need to decide together:

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? how much money you currently have which can be used for
starting your wedding fund ? how much you can manage to put aside without living on
beans and hamburger (you need to keep up your strength
and complexion), and ? what contributions you are certain to get from loving and
better-off relatives.

That’s all you can really count on and, of course, some urgent
expense or the non-arrival of a promised cash gift may require a
quick and significant change between now and the big day.
But, without the budget as a first step, you would know what you
could afford and that’s likely to bring disaster.

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Make sure that you stick within your budget unless there is some
unexpected development. Maybe you can think of ways to increase
the available amount?

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