Jumat, 30 Mei 2014

Reserve accommodation for guests or confirm that they made their own arrangements

Reserve accommodation for guests or confirm that they made their
own arrangements. Make sure they understand whether you or they
are responsible for payment.

Start a list of gifts you get. This is much easier to do on your
computer than with paper and pen.

Print or write your thank you notes. Send them soon after the gift
arrives. Open and check that the gift has not suffered any damage in

Start filling in and submitting the necessary forms to get the bride’s
new name on her licenses and other official documentation.
Pack your honeymoon clothing. Keep in mind the strict airport
security regulations to minimize stress and delays.
Make sure that you have enough clothing and accessories for the
last week leading up to the wedding without the stuff you’ve packed
for the honeymoon.

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Confirm with your caterer, the exact number of guests that you will
have. They will also want to know about any special dietary
requirements or other important issues as early as possible.

Sort out where the guests will sit. Discuss this with your partner and
your parents. Arrange your appointments with the beautician and hairdresser. You

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might want to confirm appointments for the bridesmaids too.
Choose and buy the wedding ring(s). Store
them safely and make sure they’re delivered to
the wedding venue on the big day.
Confirm your suppliers are all on track about
two weeks before your wedding day.

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