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Inspiration can come from anywhere

Inspiration can come from anywhere. It can come from a dream, a song, a
TV advertisement, or other artists and photographers. Learn to keep your eyes
open and digest what you see. Photographers learn to view things differently,
such as light and shadows. We see unique angles that are naturally apparent.
Look out for interesting locations or unique props. When you watch television,
find the interesting visuals or styling. Following are a few good places or sources
of inspiration.

Keep a collection of images or tear sheets (pages pulled from magazines) that
inspire you. If you see a pose you really like in a magazine, tear out that page
for future reference. If you catch a glimpse of lighting you really like in an online
editorial, save that image to your desktop. I have hundreds of images saved for
inspiration. Whether inspired by a location, pose, concept, clothing, or something
else, I save these images for future use. I have a folder in my studio where
I keep the collection of magazine images I have torn out. I have several folders
on my computer where I save images I’ve found online, organized in a way that
indicates what about the image inspired me. If I’m looking for inspiration for
avant-garde makeup, I visit the Makeup folder. If I am looking for a different
lighting scheme, I visit the Lighting folder.

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These tear sheets are invaluable. Not only can I use them for inspiration, I can
use them to communicate my concept to others. If there is a hairstyle I want
for a shoot, I just pull out a photo. That’s so much easier than explaining it to
a stylist! Or perhaps I have a particular concept in mind; instead of struggling
to explain it to my client, I show her a sample image to illustrate the direction
I want to take the shoot. Keep and organize tear sheets. They will save you time and inspire you.

Sometimes a particular location will inspire me for a shoot. A location may
encourage a certain composition, or it might have a particular time in history
that it reminds me of. For example, if there is a 1950’s diner in your area, you might be inspired to do a couple’s engagement session with a 1950’s theme.

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Or perhaps a rich, green forest will inspire you to do a bridal image with the
pure white dress against the bright green tones.
If a location inspires you to create a certain image, all you need to do is wait for
the right client to come around who fits that environment.
I had seen the falls in Figure 1.2 in my hometown and photographed them as
landscape photography. I knew that this would make a striking scene for a fashion
image, so when I found a bride willing to pose near them, I was able to catch this

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