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Some couples elope to get around impenetrable

Some couples elope to get around impenetrable blocks imposed for
any number of reasons by their parents to their being married to
each other where they live.

Other couples just decide to forgo a lot of the preparation, expense
and hassle of organizing their wedding with all the usual trappings
and have a quiet ceremony elsewhere.

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Most then come back and throw a celebration, inviting both families
and their friends.

That might take some of the steam out of the current situation but
they will probably find that their close relatives and many of their
friends will feel deeply hurt.

It could take some time and a lot of effort to restore the warmth
and trust that was previously between them.

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The best antidote, I’m told, to restore those former deep feelings of
affection and trust is a new grandchild.

Keep everything light-hearted and brief.
Keep any revelations about the bride or the groom private, to be
published in your memoirs, fifty years after your death.
Don’t drink alcohol before you speak.
Don’t laugh at your own jokes.

Don’t try to use that great joke you heard on television last night.
Your audience probably heard it too and may know the punch-line
better than you!

Each speaker should check with those who speak ahead of him or
her to ensure that they don’t use material which the earlier
speakers might have already used.

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Don’t bite the microphone, especially if other people will have to useit after you.
Don’t blow into it to check whether it’s working properly – the mark
of somebody that doesn’t know anything about microphones. Also,
you may get a bill for replacement of the microphone!

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