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Dollar Saving Decorations

If you and your friends are making some or all of your decorations, the two words to keep in mind are simple and strong. Then, if something is bent but not broken, it can probably be refurbished by willing but unskilled hands on the spot instead of having to be

Confetti is frowned on or completely banned at many venues
because it becomes unsightly and can require serious effort to
remove from clothing and the venues. Be sure to enquire before
providing it.

Some people provide small bags of rice or seeds. The birds in the
area would definitely be better off if you do not use rice. Use
birdseed and the birds will happily do most of the clearing away for

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Don’t be afraid to use quality fake plants for decorations, especially
when real ones are hard to get or simply too expensive.
Balloons are an easy and inexpensive decoration accessory. Buy
them in bulk packs rather than the small supermarket size for big

Match the colors to your theme. Get a couple of plastic pumps –
blowing them up by mouth can be exhausting and is now regarded
as unhygienic by Doctors.

Warning: balloons should never be given to small children who are
not well supervised and no-one should put a balloon near anyone’s face – there are people injured frequently, especially when a balloon breaks and a piece lodges in their eye. If a piece gets into a child’s hroat, it can be fatal.

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Dress up your simple and inexpensive decorations with a monogram
using the bride and groom’s names or initials.
Select the lettering and font on your word processor, choose a large
size and just print an outline on thin card. Then, cut out the letters
to make your stencil(s).

If you have a lot of items to decorate, put some adhesive plastic,
usually used to protect school book covers, over the cardboard
before you cut out your stencils so that they will last the whole job.
Also, make some extra stencils so that you have enough without
having to set up the computer again.

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