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Don’t want a Professional Master of Ceremonies?

You should try to find someone with some speaking experience or,
at least, someone that you know will prepare for the occasion.
There is no such thing as a great impromptu speech. A friend who is
a professional speaker said that the most valuable advice he ever
got was to practice everything, including his ad-libs (impromptu

If the professionals don’t risk making a real off-the-cuff joke, then
the risk of someone with much less experience seeing his joke fall
flat or, even worse, seriously offending a guest or group, you can
see that preparation is essential.

The other point to be aware of with an amateur MC is for them to
avoid making a speech themselves. They’re needed to provide a
smooth connection between the bride’s father, the groom and best
man (or whatever speakers you have) and help the audience to get
maximum enjoyment possible from each one.

All speakers need to rehearse their speeches. But, remind them that
they’re going to be among friends and you just want a few sincerewords from their heart, not a stunning piece of oratory.

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Your Caterer

You should do some investigating of your catering options before
settling on the caterer or venue. Some venues have in-house
catering which may give you a better price than if you hire a venue
and arrange an outside caterer who has to bring in their equipment,
staff and supplies, then pack up everything afterwards.

Of course, deciding to use a specialist caterer will give you a wider
range of food options and some may cost less than the in-house

Focus on the sort of food which you both like and also your families,
but be aware of the likely preferences of your guests, especially any
from different cultures and the elderly.

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This is an area where you are unlikely to get more than you pay for.
Catering is fiercely competitive and costs are steadily increasing.
The best recommendation is word of mouth from friends, colleagues
and people in other businesses you deal with. You could ask the
people that organize your office’s Christmas party or the people at
any other reasonable-sized business you deal with who caters for
their functions and what they like or don’t like about them.
You need to be sure that you won’t be let down on the day, so
inquire what provision the caterer has if there is a problem with the
number of their regular staff available for your event.

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Don’t just go for the caterer with the most eye-catching or largest
advertisement in your phone book. You might find out that eating
the Yellow Pages would have been better!

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