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Otherwise, you can sell it privately

Otherwise, you can sell it privately.
Be sure to contact airlines or cruises and your accommodation if you had booked an overseas honeymoon.

Notify Your Guests: If the wedding date is just a couple of weeks away, email or phone people that don’t live close by.

Then, follow up with a short, printed note because some people
don’t read their emails regularly and emails sometimes just get lost.

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If a sympathetic and reliable family member offers to make some or all of the calls and send the emails for you, it will do much to reduce the load on your shoulders for at least a little while.

Repeat Newspaper advertisements: You should put a small
advertisement in any newspaper where you put an advertisement to
announce your engagement.

Presents: You must return them all. That will be a hassle and
expense but it is the right thing to do.

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Whether you return the engagement ring depends on you.
I would never throw in into a crusher but I know many of my friends
say that they would in those circumstances.

I’d rather sell it and use the proceeds to treat myself to a massage
or something else that would help to relieve the emotional pressure.
Don’t be surprised if you notice a change in your mother’s attitude
to you and life in general after your wedding.

It’s my theory that she feels some sort of loss even if you will both
be able and willing to stay in close contact.

There’s also the view which some believe that she sees your
transition from daughter to wife like her. (Relax, I don’t mean like
her in every way) as a signal of her advancing age.

But, I think she is focused on you and your happiness. Her only
concern could be the probably irrational one that she might not
have done all she could to help you make a success of your

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This won’t last because your mother will be drawn back to
concentrating on her other personal interests fairly quickly.
But, you can help by making sure that when an opportunity to be
with your mother for a bit of shopping or just a quiet chat at her
place or yours arises, you grab it and talk about what she wants to
talk about as much as you want to fill every minute with details of
your new life.

Demonstrate that you are still very interested in her as a person
and tell her she has been a wonderful mother for you.

After all, I know many people who passed up those opportunities
until it was too late and their mother was not around to hear their
words anymore.

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