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Children at Your Wedding

Your Children

If either of you have children, you’ll want them to attend the
wedding and the reception.

You will also need to involve them in a meaningful way with the
preparation and put their name(s) on the invitation.

If your children are still getting to know his children, there may be
some unsettled tensions.

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You could include them in the ceremony but only after discussing it
with them and gauging their real attitude, not just accepting their
verbal agreement.

If the children are truly willing, arrange for them to be part of the
ceremony but never push.

It’s obviously important to be even-handed and a small but valuable
memento of the occasion for each child could help to smooth over
any remaining tensions in the following weeks.

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Other People’s Children

You may not want guests to bring their children to the wedding or
reception even though you will have yours there, of course. That
should be okay with any reasonable person and, especially your
friends and relatives.

But, don’t be surprised if you get some mule-headed pair either
staying away and giving that as their reason or bringing their own
children anyway.

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If they do bring children along, welcome them but tell the parents
that you hope they will still enjoy the function while keeping an eyeon their little Attila. It is not your responsibility.

If you decide to let guests bring their children, you’ll need to
provide them with some appropriate food, distractions like puzzles
or games, and entertainment or a couple of wranglers ….. I mean
child sitters.

Children love to be entertained and most good entertainers charge
fair fees but they probably will only attend for a set period. If that
fits your budget and program, it’s worth considering.

You might be able to hire or persuade a couple of reliable teenagers
to look after the children for the duration. See if you can get an
extra, smaller room at the venue for a small additional cost. It could
be well worth it to reduce stress and interruptions to your “main

Check with the parents about any allergies or other conditions which
you and the minders need to be aware of.

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